The Contingent


Storyteller: Justin


“Hey there. We’ve got a crazy woman here who I think y’all will be pretty interested in. She came running into the lobby of Cloverleaf HQ hollerin’ about “The Key,” and doomsday, and a few other wild things. Ordinarily, I would have tossed her out, but two things stuck out to me. The first is that this is Susan Rourke and her family goes way back in this town. The second is I read about that key symbol that the Patron uses, and when someone as dark as the Patron is involved, I don’t like to take chances. I can only keep this quiet for so long before authorities start poking their nose, so if you want to know more, you need to come quick.”

- Bob McCain, Head of Security for Cloverleaf Hill Valley


Tazendra “Taz” Crow
Virgil Halfdollar
Miles Jaggens
Doctor Mallory “Mal” Cunningham
Xander Court
Darren Knox

Major Clues

Susan Rourke
A troubled woman who underwent unlawful medical experiments. She possesses psychic acuity and fragmented memories of the Patron’s location. Her memories were scrambled to the point of her almost killing herself, however, the players stopped that. Unfortunately, she was caught a hail of machine gun fire from the Triple Threat and fell into a coma.
Project Chimera
Possibly two factions of Project Chimera showed up in response to Susan Rourke arriving: Whim, and the Triple Threat. Whim wanted to guide her away. Triple Threat wanted to eliminate her.
The hunters were warned by Rourke that there was a terrible Sickness in Hill Valley that was part of something larger to destroy the world. Rourke and the hunters restored a pact between the faeries and the Rourkes to help the land, but this won’t stop the Sickness directly.


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