The Contingent

Message to Contingent Hunters

This message is distributed to Contingent hunters via snail mail, text from blocked numbers, e-mail from blind accounts, and robocalls.

Hunters of the Contingent,

We are in a period of danger, more so than we have ever faced. Already the Frequency has been taken out, and we are on the defensive. However, it is important that we not lose sight of our real mission: to protect the innocent from supernatural threats. And frankly, some of you have been lacking in the protecting department.

We’ve heard stories about hunters making… let’s say “rash decisions”. Putting innocents at risk, causing damage to their property. In some cases, being directly responsible for their deaths. Not because it was one life to save a thousand, or because the hunter just wasn’t good enough to save everyone…. But for expediency. Or to save the hunter’s skin at the sake of someone else’s.

That stops right now.

Some of you are simply inexperienced. If you need training, if you need equipment, we will help you. All you have to do is ask around, put your needs out there.

Some of you need backup. If you are on a mission and you don’t have the resources to make it happen, we will give you a hand if we can, or send you support if we can’t.

Some of you…. Some of you don’t care about collateral damage. If this is you, wise up. Or we will take it upon ourselves to make sure you can’t hurt an innocent ever again.

We’ll be watching. Be better hunters.


barrelv evan_foster31

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