The Contingent


Session 3 (Cathy)

So we’re supposed to be the good guys, right? The real-life “Avengers”? Well I need some do-gooders to help me with a missing persons case. There’s been a pattern of teenagers going missing from Camp Northstar over the years. A friend of mine who teachers at an inner city school in Los Angeles has had three of his students who’ve earned a scholarship to attend the camp go missing over the past 10 years. His most recent student to win isn’t the kind who would just run away. He knows I have contacts who are good at finding lost people and asked if I would help. I can’t guarantee that there’s anything supernatural going on but I can’t just sit back and do nothing while this girl could still be out there. We’re supposed to be heroes! If you’re in, pack your bug spray, hats, and sleeping bags. The Contingent just became Camp Counselors!

- Natalie


Aaron Mathias
Eva Jimenez
Marshall Barsoom
Shandi Caravello
Tazendra “Taz” Crow
Wayne Hodges

Major Clues

  • In Heroes, they went to Camp North Star. Its symbol was a star with a spiral of clouds around it.
  • Chris Scott, the camp director had a Key brand on his arm.
  • There was a being made of dozens of spectral fragments being manipulated by Carver.


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