The Contingent

Abyssal Enjoyment as a Predictor of Long Term Surgical Performance: A Case Study

Gunther Behringer Journal Entry

It was the best of times. It was the worse of times…

Overall, I found my time in hell more enjoyable than I would have expected. I’m sure prior consideration would have been of a more thoroughly unpleasant experience, but it had bright points. The coachman was kindly, and the experience of the ride memorable and not unpleasant. The home and the children playing at the greenhouse were the kind of memories ideal childhoods are made of. We saved a priest and two child-spirits. That certainly counts as the best of times.

Children eating hearts. That was the worse of times. Mothers, don’t let your children grow up eating disembodied hearts with their demon fangs. More on that later.

I said “we”- it was a team effort, more than I, or likely any of us, could have achieved alone. Reyna found the key, Lisa pulled Father Raymond out of the plant-beast and Clair convinced the children to help us escape. We saved those we could, sealed the gate… and I lost the key.

I couldn’t focus, because I got to thinking about how the kid’s faces deformed. Did that hurt? Will they remember that happened to them, when they are all grown up and trying to do a transsphenoidal pituitary extraction, and lose their focus mid-procedure?

No, it’s definitely not time to return. Not yet. I need to work on my focus. Maybe medication will help…


I hear there’s a good drug going around New Orleans.


Gunther and Mal are definetly going to get along.


Gunther and Mal need never be in a room together, thanks. ;-)

barrelv Tesla_Swarovski

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